March 20, 2016


Solutions & Services Designed For You.

We build solutions to help you achieve your business goals and interests




The Cloud covers many products. It is the terminology used to describe services hosted in data centers rather than by yourself. We provide a suite of cloud services.


We keep your your networks, email and internet browsing protected from the never ending threats found in today's on-line world.


Consolidate your server and desktop infrastructure and start virtualizing your systems to see a better ROI and reduced costs.

Networking & Wi-Fi

One of the core services that every business needs, but not necessarily fully understood or utilized. We design and deliver fully optimized and efficient networking solutions tailored to your business

Business Continuity

Backup & Recovery of company data is one of the most critical tasks for any business. It's your insurance policy against the unknown. We have a solution for all types of business that will meet the needs and governance of your industry.

Device Management

We can manage many devices for your business, from your PCs to tablets and cell phones. Each device can be professionally managed and all your data remains secure across multiple platforms.


We provide industry leading software either separately or inclusively in our solutions.


We can supply all your hardware requirements. We provide a wide range of hardware as a service to compliment our solutions, giving you a path to well maintained equipment and upgrade cycle.


Keeping a watchful eye on your systems 247. Our monitoring leaves you with peace of mind that any anomalies will be identified immediately and dealt with.


Virtual CIO to Vendor Management, we can take care of all the management aspects of your IT resources.




Small Business Solutions

 Your small business needs a common set of technology features to ensure you run efficiently - PCs, tablets or laptops, a communications system and access to the internet. After this your needs can vary tremendously depending on what you do and how you do it.

We understand that people make businesses. The technology they use is an extension of those people. We also understand that everyone has different levels of understanding of today's technologies - or simply the willingness to work with it. Either way, Shone Services has the solutions you need to allow you to free yourself from maintaining your technology systems and freeing up time to focus on your primary business goals.

Your small business can benefit from our all-inclusive solutions that feature a wide range of services for a flat monthly fee that can be easily budgeted for. If you business has two PCs and and a shared hard drive or a team of staff with stacks of servers, we can build the right solution for you.

Services include:

- Security Software - Phone, Email, Remote Support - Data Backup & Recovery
- Email Security - Mobile Device Management - Internet Security
- 247 Monitoring - Wi-Fi - PC, Laptop, Server Support
- VPN - On-Site Support - Hardware Maintenance
- Email - Office Software - Phone Systems
- Digital Signage - Licensing - Purchasing




Medium Business Solutions

The technology demands of a medium business can vary dramatically from one year to the next. You need to ensure your infrastructure is scalable and performing to meet your business needs. Downtime becomes something you cannot tolerate and your disaster recovery requirements become incredibly important - you can't afford to let down your customers who depend on your services.

Shone Services provides those solutions for your business to ensure you never disappoint. We can manage your wireless network, supoprt your desktop PCs or servers, communications systems, provide a management service or all of the above. We give your business the peace of mind that your technology systems are well looked after and monitored 247.

Part of our service to you is to ensure your staff not only have access to a well maintained system, but know how to make the most of it. Shone Services provides complimentary training sessions for select systems on certain solutions that will allow your staff to increase their efficiency and productivity, giving you a better return on your investment and company turnover.

Services Include:

- Virtualization - Cloud Services & Technologies - Business Continuity
- Managed Services - Mobile Device Management - 247 Monitoring
- Resource Management - Infrastructure - Full Support
- Security Services - On-Site Support - Hardware as a Service
- Software as a Service - Vendor Management - Project Management
- Communication Systems - Internet and Voice - Technology Purchasing




Charity & Local Government Solutions

Charities and Local Government entities need to keep costs down, but that shouldn't mean a degradation in service.

This business sector has a wide range of diifferent requirements for it's technology systems. Some need to ensure their data is HIPAA or Safe Harbor compliant while others only need to access it from multiple locations; or maybe you need a phone system to keep in contact with all your home-based staff but don't need to provide them with security or email. Maybe you have an existing system in place and want some extra features at just one of your sites; the options are endless.

Shone Services works with this sector to build solutions that will help them achieve their goals while ensuring that charitable donations and tax payers' money is carefully spent. We offer tailored packages that provide you with all the essential services you require and any other features you need into one bundled solution. This gives you a single, stress-free and manageable monthly fee from one provider that will take care of all your technology needs. All our tailored solutions receive the same high level of customer service and service level agreements as all our other products.

Shone Services wants to give back to the communities that help others. We work with select charities to provide discounted and pro bono services to them so that they can continue to carry out their appreciated efforts with lower overheads. If you are a charity and could benefit from a solution from Shone Services, please contact us to find out about our availability and if you qualify.