March 13, 2017

About Us

We provide Managed IT,Business Security, IT Helpdesk, Disaster Recovery,Communications,Cloud Services

For Businesses Who Want A Full-Service IT Solution With Excellent Customer Service And Unparalleled Delivery



Our Mission

To provide businesses with unparalleled and affordable IT services with a customer service level that feels like we are part of your own team

Why Managed Services?

Simple. It's better quality for everyone.

The traditional break/fix method of IT support does not work in favor of the end user; that's you. The reason for this is that the IT technician has no real reason to ensure your systems don't fail in the future, or keep them running satisfactorily - they are only being paid when something goes wrong. So the more problems you have, the more money they make. 

We don't like that concept.

Opting for Managed Services and its subscription- based payments means that everyone's goals become aligned. You, the client, pay a flat fee and get a quality service all year round and we, your Service Provider, have the incentive to keep your systems running perfectly all the time to ensure our clients stay happy and that we don't incur out-of-pocket expenses if errors arise.

Outsourcing That Feels In-House

The way Shone Services integrates with its clients is a core principle that owner Andrew Shone strives to build for each client. He believes that every client, no matter what their size, should feel that Shone Services is working alongside them to achieve the same goals.

We pride ourselves on being a company that works hard on helping our clients get the most out of our services and integrating with your business to let it feel like we are part of your own team.

We firmly believe we must earn and maintain your trust, and that the services we provide are delivered on time and at the highest possible standard. Each and every time.

Shone Services is a boutique service provider; we give our clients more attention than the bigger companies, offering a service that always goes the extra mile for you.


We make technology work for you


Shone Services provides Managed IT Services and IT products to small and medium sized businesses that are looking for premium IT services and support that gives value for money without compromising on service delivery. We provide exceptional quality to our clients, giving them access to IT services that meet your highest standards and give value for money.

We are a reseller of various IT products and services and maintain partnerships with top providers such as Microsoft, Cisco, Digium, Datto and Trend Micro in order to bring our client the best offerings available. We know that no two products are the same, which is why we don't sell one type of any product. This is so we can ensure we provide our clients with the best suited solution for their needs. 'One size fits all' is not a phrase you will hear from us.