Becoming the office ‘IT Guy’ nearly cost me my job.

Rachel is a consultant for a recruitment company. She needs to spend all of her time searching for great candidates to fill her clients’ vacancies. But after a few months working for her company, Rachel kindly helped one of her colleagues with a few computer problems they were experiencing. And then soon enough, she was known as the go-to girl for everything IT.

Rachel's sales soared after her company worked with Shone Services

In no time, all 30 staff members in the office was asking for her help, even her boss David. Rachel was reasonably tech savvy and was happy to help out her new workmates any way she could. Of course, there were several issues that she couldn’t fix and the company had to pay for a local IT technician to visit the next day and try to fix the problem, sometimes taking the PC away with him. On these occasions the staff got frustrated and wondered why Rachel couldn’t figure out the problem and had to keep them from working on their PC for so long.

Five months down the line, Rachel’s sales figures were looking poor and she was worried about her job security. The rest of her colleagues were doing fine, spending every working hour on the phone or researching candidates. Rachel soon realized that by becoming the unofficial ‘IT guy’ for the office, she was losing more than 20% of her time each week performing tasks that she wasn’t supposed to be doing. Recruitment can be a tough industry at the best of times and not only was she losing personal income from lost commission payments, but her company was losing huge revenues also. Rachel’s helpfulness has caused her and her company to become counter-productive and something needed to change.

During a meeting with her boss David, she explained her situation and how her extra duties were not just a personal problem, but a company-wide one. He agreed. David understood that his recruiters were there to perform a specialist task to make the company money and diverting resources away from these tasks was going to hinder this objective. It became clear that David had to let her get back to her specialist role and find someone else to cover their technology needs. He started by looking at employing someone, but quickly found that the right type of individual was too expensive for the company. He then started to research IT support services and found a great solution that met his needs.

Shone Services provided a package of managed services that supported all the company’s PCs, Servers and Peripherals for a flat monthly fee. The packages also included many features that the company was paying extra for elsewhere thus providing further value for money. The best feature of the service was that Shone Services’staff would visit the office regularly and ensure all staff were getting the most from their devices.
David was delighted. He received on-demand IT support from technology specialists and didn’t have to carry the cost of a full-time employee as overhead. This investment easily paid for itself by the increased productivity from his staff; in fact Rachel’s increase in sales covered it alone!

Over the next three years, David’s company utilized more services from Shone Services. They now use digital signage, Office 365, Business Continuity, Cloud Services, and reduced their telephony costs with a new cloud based phone system. Overheads are down and overall sales have climbed by 12%, just how David wants it.

If you are a business in need of some techno-TLC, visit Shone Services at and find out how they can enable you to keep doing what you do best.

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