How Managed Services Benefit Your Business

If you are a small or medium-sized business that is looking at Managed Services for your IT needs, you will find a lot of advantages. By using Managed Services you will better control costs, have a more comprehensive and up-to-date IT system that is dependable, stable and compliant.

Sometimes the best move a business can make is to delegate the tasks that are getting in the way of what they specialize in, to ensure that your own staff are dedicated to developing and growing your own area of speciality.

Many executives are aware of the benefits an MSP makes possible. This is why large organizations utilize the benefits of MSP’s to meet their IT needs. Why shouldn’t SMB’s have the same opportunity?

Here are some reasons why small and medium-sized businesses should take advantage of Managed Services from Shone Services:

Controlled Costs

You want to be cost-effective in every aspect of your business. Mismanaged IT systems can end up costing far more than they are worth so it is essential that you have a system that is efficient, well maintained and works to your specification. Not to mention your no-compromise stance on quality. With an MSP, you can achieve a feasible and cost efficient way to a high-quality IT service that works for you well in to the future.

Complex Solutions Made Simple

All aspects of technology is constantly evolving and SMB’s with limited resources can quickly be left struggling to figure out what is best for their needs and find that they are left behind their competitors. Partnering with an MSP ensures that you have a specialist team of stable and dependable IT professionals providing your business with the most suitable and up to date systems for a fraction of the cost. They turn potentially expensive IT headaches into a well-executed and painless activity.

Comprehensive Range of Solutions

It is often the case that small and overwhelmed IT departments can be an encumbrance on the business they belong to. Errors become more likely, response times and problem solving become ever slower and the expensive staff members start becoming unhappy and less productive. An MSP resolves all these issues by allowing you to utilize a range of efficient and comprehensive solutions that fit your requirements at any time. An MSP will always be capable of scaling up as your own business does.


Ensuring regulatory compliance can be very stressful for SMB’s. With the way businesses store and transfer more and more data between in-house and cloud systems it has become ever more necessary that your business is compliant with your industry’s regulations. From Sarbanes-Oxley to HIPAA, an MSP can get your business complaint in no time.

And Also… Availability

Shone Services understands that as much as businesses want their IT infrastructure running seamlessly in the background and out of sight, they don’t want the same from the staff that provide it. We feel exactly the same. It is becoming rarer and therefore more important to have face-to-face time in this ever more dispersed and technological world, which is why all Shone Services subscriptions have built in on-site support time for each client. This ensures that all of your staff have an opportunity to ask any questions they have from the comfort of their own desk and get tips and tricks from an IT professional.

Call us today to find out more about Shone Services’ offerings for SMB’s and see how your business will benefit.